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"Jute is protecting one of the most valuable resources of our times - the soil."


Conservation of nature with the help of fabrics

Erosion control textiles in different weight classes with different mesh sizes and product characteristics. Furthermore various jute fabrics for horticulture, landscaping and tree nurseries such as protection bags, felt mats and more. Tell us your requirements – it is our pleasure to advise you!

The standard jute geotextile has the following properties:


  • 500 g/m²

  • 10-30 mm mesh size (results in a ground cover of 35-40%)

  • 12-18 months life span depending on weathering conditions


The higher the specific density, the higher the water saving capacity; the finer the mesh size, the stronger the erosion control!



About 10,000,000 square kilometre of the soil worldwide is exposed to the tremendous consequences of water erosion. What is often neglected: we as mankind heavenly depend on that soil, as it is the basis for growing our food.


Climate Change is slowly but continuously changing our environment – also Europe gets more and more affected by the changes. Climate variability is increasing and heavy rainfall events with destructive consequences are becoming increasingly the cause of soil erosion on slopes and embankments.


We want to contribute our part to face and counter that dangerous trend of the worldwide soil erosion.


The cause of soil erosion is almost always the same: insufficient ground cover. Is it the creation of dikes, rubble mountains in road or tunnel constructions, creation of noise protection walls or dried out and incomplete sod: at that time a heavy rainfall suffices for washing away the fertile topsoil.


What could be the solution? Greening! Because the freshly basifixed vegetation cover protects the loose topsoil against the kinetic energy of the waterdrops and thereby slows down the surface runoff.

In that case a coarse jute fabric is being used:


  • Widespread covered jute fabrics help to fix the seedings on the topsoil


  • The rough surface and the coarse mesh size of the jute fabric slows down the surface runoff and thereby reduces the soil erosion caused by the shearforce of the water


  • The enormous water storage capacity of the jute fabric helps the germlings to withstand drought periods


  • At the end of the vegetation period when the ground is covered by vegetation, the jute fabric decomposes completely by releasing nutrients which are available for plants

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