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Jute Products

Substituting plastic bags

Intertrop brings the real jute bag on the market, made out of 100 % natural jute. Not only in various different sizes, but also in the form of the popular shopping net, dyed, imprinted, labeled or as raw material. Additionally, we offer customized solutions that will suit your individual needs. more >

Alternative packaging materials

We provide numerous innovative solutions for the packaging industry both in the food- and non-food sector. For example original net tubes made out of 100 % food grade jute, bags and sacks for raw materials and foodstuff. Moreover, we take great interest in develop tailor-made solutions for your company. more >

Fabric in favour of the soil

Erosion control textiles in different weight classes with different mesh sizes and product characteristics. Furthermore various jute fabrics for horticulture, landscaping and tree nurseries such as protection bags, felt mats and more. Tell us your requirements – it is our pleasure to advise you! more >

News about Intertrop

Innovative Portfolio

Intertrop has extended its portfolio with innovative solutions for the packaging industry. more >

Strong and sustainable

Now available: the popular jute bag made out of 100 % real jute. Get to know it. more >

Intertrop goes Geotextiles

Intertrop is offering a number of geotextiles for various conservation projects. more >

Additional jute products

We offer a wide range of additional jute products. From jute yarn and ropes to jute felt and tapes as well as blankets and carpets. Get an impression of our product variety. more >

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