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Our Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

       Since the beginning of our business operations we have set our aims high – we demand compliance to high quality standards from ourselves, our producers and suppliers. We are aware of our responsibility regarding environmental protection, labor standards and supply chain management.


The Bangladeshi jute sector does not only has a good reputation nationally, but also internationally with regards to labor standards, sustainability and environmental safety measurements. Jute production and its subsequent processing is organized in numerous cooperatives and is independent from the textile sector.

Intertrop collaborates only with those producers which comply with the standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) which have been ratified by the Bangladeshi government.


  • Convention C029 and C105: Abolition of forced labor

  • Convention C182: Abolition of child labor

  • Convention C087 and C098: Freedom of association and protection of the right to organize and right to organize and collective bargaining

  • Convention C001: Limitation of working hours to 8 hours per day


Besides the above mentioned, there are 29 more conventions for the jute sector (


With regards to number of employees, our collaborative partner is the largest employer in the industrial sector. The cooperative is an association of more than 70000 workers, 5500 officials and provides livelihood to more than 6 million families. Including upstream and downstream sectors more than 50 million people depend on the jute sector. As jute is being produced locally from many smallholders in the rural area, it enables them to earn sufficient income since many generations.


We disapprove every kind of monopolization of the agricultural sector and support smallholders in self determined cooperatives to combat poverty in rural areas. Hence, each of our ecological and socially responsible products contributes to assure the livelihood and income of many families.

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