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"About 2.8 million tonnes of plastic packaging arises every year in Germany."


Packaging without plastic

Intertrop offers novel alternatives for plastic packaging materials – food grade and 100% natural net tube packagings made out of finest jute. By receiving a special treatment with vegetable oil, the jute fibers are safely prepared for handling with foodstuff. The extreme carrying capacity of jute allows loads up to 5 kg – even large quantities of apples and potatoes are no problem!


The jute net tubes are delivered rolled up on spools so that they can be easily cut into individual lengths at the place of packaging. From single garlic bulbs to 5 kg of apples: the tube diameter is modified to your requirement!


Furthermore, the fine jute nets are available in different colors in order to enhance the natural color of the packed goods. We solely use food colorings for dyeing.

We offer numerous innovative solutions for the packaging industry, such as:


  • Net tubes in custom sized made out of 100% natural food grade jute

  • Sacks, gunny bags, big bags for raw materials and foodstuff

  • Small format bags for presents and merchandising


Tell us your individual requirements, it is our pleasure to advise you!

Plastic packagings are omnipresent in our modern society. They are available abundantly in the supermarkets in different forms. Paradoxically even organic and locally produced food is packed in plastic.


Net tube packagings take a large share in fruit and vegetable packaging. They are almost exclusively produced out of plastic. But the consumer, especially organic oriented consumers, increasingly demand for ecological and natural packaging. Consequently, the markets reacts to this demand already and produces cotton net tubes which in reality consume even more resources which is proved by Shen and Patel (2010).

Wir von Intertrop möchten unseren Kunden die freie Wahl lassen: wir bieten Jutegewebe in allen erdenklichen Kategorien und mit verschiedensten Eigenschaften an. Dies erreichen wir durch unsere persönliche Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Produzenten vor Ort. Da wir ohne Zwischenhändler arbeiten, können wir den daraus resultierenden Kostenvorteil direkt an unsere Kunden weitergeben.


Es gibt kein Jutegewebe, das wir Ihnen nicht liefern können - fragen Sie doch einfach unverbindlich nach einem Kostenvoranschlag!

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